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Gunbound Professional(GBpros)

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Welcome to the best guild in gunbound.


-I announce this to my guild members, every 3 members you invited to join, 1 special avatar will be waiting for you...Tnx
-Website under construction



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Gunbound Account Migration from GWC Philippine Server to GWC International Server Steps:

1. Create an account in softnyx

2. Click My Gunbound

3. Create a game ID

4. Then,Click this link to start the migration page

5. Then choose the server you came from:

a. GBPH(Philippines)
b. GBVN(Vietnam)

6. Click Yes, I have

7. Then put your Mobius account information.

8. Then Put the softnyx account information that you've created and the Email Address
9. If you've created a game id check the box besides the
word, "I've already created game id".
Or Type your desire game id and ID Check to confirm if its available or not

10. Click OK

             This guild was founded on June 3,2006 as SMC™ and it's founder was Weaknoobako. A week later Weaknoobako join GB™ of Batangzesto. The guild was left to chihuahuaXI. He changed the guild name to GBpros(¤╚pros). GBpros remained unheard for almost one year until April 2007,the time it meets it's prosperity. GBpros was disbanded on June 1,2007 because of the migration of GBPH Player to GIS. THe guild was created agian and named GBpros™.
The guild authorization was passed to GBGuardianXD.

Need Account in Gunbound?

Create One in:

1. Mobius

2. Softnyx

For Gunbound Addicts this is the gunbound songs: